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AAU Limited is classed as a producer with respect to EEE for users other than private households under the waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations 2006.

Regulation 9 places an obligation on AAU Limited to finance the cost of treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of waste electronic equipment (WEEE) from our customers where that WEEE is composed of AAU Limited equipment purchased by our customers after 13th August 2005.

Where AAU Limited is responsible for WEEE under scenarios above it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the WEEE in question to AAU Limited chosen recycling facility, after which point we will accept any further treatment or recycling cost.

AAU Limited meet our responsibilities under the WEEE regulations through membership of the DHL WEEE compliance scheme and as our chosen partner DHL are able to manage the process of WEEE collection, treatment and recycling in accordance with the standars layed out within the regulations.