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Copper Cables

AAU limited offers a vast range of copper cables including Network Cables, Ethernet Cable, Patch Cables, Low Profile Network Cable, Low Profile Patch Cables, Low Profile Ethernet Cables, Cat5e Network Cables, Cat5e Ethernet Cables, Cat6e Network Cables, Cat6e Ethernet Cables, Shielded Cat5e Network Cables, Shielded Patch Cables, Shielded Ethernet Cables, Cat5e Couplers, Patch Cable Couplers, Ethernet Cable Couplers, Cat6e Couplers, Cat6e Ethernet Couplers, Cat5e Connection Boxes and Multi cables

Cat5e & Cat6 Patch leads, available in a wide selection of colours and lengths.

All leads are individually tested and labelled if required.

These can be booted or unbooted

We also offer a wide range of Coax cables with a variety of connectors including BNC, Seimens, SMB, TNC, N type & UHF available in any lengths and in multi cables

Also Type 43 & HDC 43. RG58, 59, 62, 174 & 179. 2001, 2002, 2003 & 3002. 50 or 75 OH

IDC cables in grey or rainbow cable, with Mini Din, D Type sockets.

Audio cables including scarts, phono plugs, stereo 2.5mm/3.5mm and 6.35 dins VGA

Data cables-D type 9 way, 15, 25 & 37. High Density D’s V35